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Establishment and car dealer at 213-219 High Street, Bendigo, VIC 3550, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Brendan Drechsler Car Sales: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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213-219 High Street
VIC 3550
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+61 3 5442 2389


Reviews of Brendan Drechsler Car Sales

    Jack Added July 21, 2023
    The service I received from the staff here was an absolute disgrace and extremely unprofessional. I took my car in to have one problem fixed, when I got the car back it had become unroadworthy to the point where it was not only a danger to myself but others on the road. When I collected the keys they never mentioned this to me. When I returned after turning on my car before leaving the dealership they told me they knew about these problems and refused to fix what they had done while the car was in their care. The staff tried to blame me for issues that didn't exist when I dropped in the vehicle, when speaking to higher up they were aware on the condition of the car was been handed back to me in and were unphased of the potential danger and ignoring the duty of care in which they are required to provided before handing back any vehicle that could cause injury to the driver or others on the road.
    H R Damien Pereira Added July 13, 2023
    I wouldn’t go back to this business. I took my Ute to get the wiper motor replaced. I knew it was the wiper motor that needed to be replaced that’s why I took it to the Holden specialist. The staff spent the whole day diagnosing the problem and charged me $270 for it (they originally asked for $320). I took it to a different local mechanic who took 15 mins to diagnose the problem and 25 minutes to replace the motor. I was very disappointed with the service I received at Poyser motors.
    Colin Aynsley Added July 08, 2023

    While on holidays we decided to look at a second hand car.Bayden was excellent.Unfortunatly the cruse they had didn’t have the engine we wanted.Otherwise they would have had a sale.Can’t recommend them more highly.

    Kim Harbour Added July 06, 2023
    What a great experience we had at Poyser Motors! Tullia the sales employee was absolutely exemplary in her commitment to ensuring our needs were met. She was friendly, professional and made us feel very valued. Thank you so much!
    Petey Pie Added July 01, 2023
    1st of all I was misquoted cost of service by almost $1000.00 Then get a call to proceed with service for $1300. Another call advising for an additional $700 we can fix 3 oil leaks ( not identified in 2 previous services). At dealership paying account I ask more info about “oil leaks” which have miraculously reduced from necessary replacement to “seepage” and now are not urgent BUT something to monitor. TRUST is questionable.

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Questions & Answers

1. What is the phone number for Brendan Drechsler Car Sales

The phone number for Brendan Drechsler Car Sales is +61 3 5442 2389.

2. Where is Brendan Drechsler Car Sales located?

Brendan Drechsler Car Sales is located at 213-219 High Street Bendigo, VIC 3550.

3. Is there a primary contact for Brendan Drechsler Car Sales

You can contact Brendan Drechsler Car Sales by phone using number +61 3 5442 2389.

4. What is the web address (URL) for Brendan Drechsler Car Sales

The website for Brendan Drechsler Car Sales is

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